Welcome to the ultimate Pking Server

ReturnofPk is back From the dead, to give you the best gaming experience of PK !

Click here to play the Webclieint

Click here to play the webclient if you need to download client it will come soon.

Click here to Donate

You can donate for toons of items in game , and Status Like Donater - extreme donater -

Click here to vote

When you vote you get vote points in game and to spend them you go to vote store at home.

Staff List

Owner/Coder : Sheepmonger      Co-owner : Robin

Head Admin : none             Admin : None

Moderator : None           Trail Moderator : None

There is a few open Moderator spot, to get that spot you will need to help out whit the server recruit more players, Be loyal to the server. And one big rule if you abuse your moderator when you get it you will get no warnings its immediately Ban and to appeal that Ban you go the forum and Appeal mute/ban. Around 4 / 5 do not get unbanned. 


by Nico over a year ago

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